Takis have got it going on! If you’re game for something groovy and yummy, that will K.O. any other taste, and make your taste buds reach the pinnacle of deliciousness, look no further. Takis are here to make it happen. Munch into the crunch of any Takis snack –– you’ll find the flavors that make mouths happier than a cat getting an infinite supply of catnip.

Imagine the hot chili pepper and lime epicness of Takis Fuego, the delectable taco taste of Takis Crunchy Fajita, the hot sauce deliciousness of Takis Salsa Brava, the thrilling habanero and lime zip of Takis Nitro, and the guacamole greatness of Takis Guacamole. With so many ways to enjoy Takis snacks, why experience just one?


Hot Nuts

cardsHot Nuts are crunchy peanuts covered in a crunchier shell, and that means double crunch in every bite. Whether you’re enjoying the flavor of chile with a hint of lime in Hot Nuts or the bolder flavors of Hot Nuts Fuego, there’s excitement for every mouth. Hot Nuts have just the right amount of spicy zing and an unmistakable peanut crunch that give everyone a good reason to keep coming back for more!










Churritos are the crispy sticks with crazy fun in every bite! Chile and lime go hand in hand to create an enchanting taste that can’t be denied. And if regular Churritos aren’t enough for you, try diving into Churritos Fuego for an even more powerful flavor that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the next bite…and the next…and the next. From the amazing aromas as you open the package, to the final crunch of your last stick, you won’t want the enjoyment to end!.





Churritos Fuego

The extra spicy flavor of Churritos just got more intense! New Churritos Fuego really cranks up the heat. Available in 9.9 oz. and 4 oz. packages.






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