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We are aware of the recent claims that Takis causes upset stomachs. We assure you that Takis are safe to eat, but should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a well-balanced diet. Takis ingredients fully comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations and all of the ingredients in each flavor are listed in detail on the label. Always check the serving size before snacking.


We share Grupo Bimbo´s strategic objectives which are conducting our business responsibly, looking through our actions the development and welfare of the communities we serve, as well as provide the example and motivation to society.

We have a Social Responsibility Model, which aims to return to the communities in which we operate, just how much we receive from them, seeking to support them in the challenges they have to face.

This model, called Sembrando Juntos, focuses on four action lines: Wellbeing, Planet, Community, and Associates.